Eating Healthy Fats

For decades we did everything we could to cut fat out of our diet. The end result is that we were getting fatter and fatter in the western world.

Here are some interesting facts :

  • Healthy fats boost the metabolism
  • Healthy fats can safely be eaten raw
  • Healthy fats can be easily incorporated in your diet

Healthy Fats boost the Metabolism

Dietary fat was cut out of our foods in an effort to reduce bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Instead we gained weight, and with it created a slew of health problems including more cases of heart disease than ever before. It’s time to slim down, protect our bodies, and rev up our metabolisms. There’s no better way to do it than to eat healthy fats.

As it turns out, our bodies need fat to let go of body fat. Without the addition of fatty foods to our diet, and particularly when we go on a low calorie, low fat diet, our metabolism goes way down. The body goes into starvation mode and burns as little energy as possible. That’s why people often feel cold and tired when they are on this type of diet. It’s hard to find the energy to get up and move because the body thinks it’s time to conserve as much energy as possible. The end result is that even while consuming much less calories, the scale won’t budge.

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The key to cranking up that metabolism is to make sure you eat enough food and that you include plenty of healthy fats. A good rule of thumb is to get at least 30% of your calories from sources of healthy fats like olive oil, grass-fed butter, avocados, almonds, or natural peanut butter to name a few. That’s right, you can indulge in delicious full-fat foods and still lose weight.

Make sure you eat early in the day and include some healthy fat with your first meal. Eating early ensures that your body’s metabolism starts cranking into high gear and keeps burning calories all the long. This breakfast with healthy fats also provides you with the energy to keep going strong all day. You won’t feel cold and sluggish. Instead you’ll find yourself full of energy, ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. You’re going to want to move more and get through your workouts.

Moving more and staying active throughout the day while refueling your body when you get hungry, will ensure that your metabolism keeps burning high all day long. When that happens you’ll be able to eat enough healthy food to stay satisfied and still lose excess body fat.

Healthy Fats can be safely eaten raw

Healthy fats come in different forms. One delicious healthy fat is the avocado. It doesn’t matter if you eat them on toast, on your salad, throw some in your green smoothie, or enjoy them as a dip. There are quite a few benefits to eating avocados aside from the fact that they are mighty tasty.

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Avocados are a fruit that is very low in sugar and high in fiber. This makes it a perfect addition to your diet when your goal is to lower your blood sugar and insulin levels to lose a bit of weight. The fiber, combined with lots of healthy fats, will fill you up.

Avocados are also full of vitamins and antioxidants. They contain plenty of Vitamin K, C, B6, B6, and E along with Folate , magnesium and more Potassium than a banana. That’s a lot of nutrition packed into one little fruit.

Avocados are full of healthy fats. It’s those heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats that make avocados true superfoods. The fats in avocados will help you lose weight more quickly. Try adding half an avocado to your salad at lunch in addition to a source of lean protein like some grilled chicken or hard-boiled egg for example. You’ll find that you stay full longer with the addition of the avocado. It also makes it a much more satisfying meal with the creamy, decadent taste of this healthy fruit

Avocado is a high-fat food that’s full of MUFAs (mono unsaturated fats) that are good for your heart and your health in general. We don’t get enough of these healthy fats in the western diet, making them a great addition to your meals. This healthy fat will help lower cholesterol levels and help your body maintain areas like your heart, your brain, your eyes and other areas where the right kinds of lipids are crucial.

The fat is also important in the absorption of certain nutrients. Things like Vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as various antioxidants and phytonutrients are fat soluble. This means that our body can only absorb them if we consume them with a fat – ideally a healthy fat like that found in avocado. Adding half an avocado to your salad means you will absorb more of the vitamins in the fresh greens and veggies on your plate.

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Incorporating Healthy Fats Into Your Diet

If you’ve been sticking to a low fat diet for the past few decades, it can be challenging to change what and how you eat. Here are a few simple tips and strategies to help you get started with incorporating more healthy fats into your diet.

A simple way to start is to replace all low and non-fat products with their full fat version. Start buying whole milk instead of skim milk, full-fat cheese and yogurt. Use regular salad dressing instead of the light kind. Replace your fake butter spread or margarine with the real butter. These small changes alone will make a big difference in how you feel and how good your food tastes.

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Meat is another area where you can incorporate more fat into your diet. Start embracing fuller fat cuts. Replace your grilled chicken breast with chicken thighs every once in a while. Go for a higher fat content in your ground beef and enjoy a marbled steak. Bring pork back into your life and enjoy fatty fish like salmon. Buy the highest quality meat you can afford, ideally organic and grass-fed. If that’s not an option, stick with leaner fish and meat and top it with some healthy olive oil or a bit of quality butter.

Something interesting happens when you start to add more foods that include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados for example.  Your skin starts to look better, as does your hair and nails. Your eyes have more shine to them and your dark circles start to fade as you start to sleep better. You have more energy during the day and start moving around more. That exercise in turn helps you look even better.

Last but not least, all that healthy fat in your diet keeps you full and satisfied longer. That’s how adding high-calorie fatty foods actually helps you eat less and burn excess body fat. It’s an amazing process that I hope you’ll start to experience for yourself. Embrace those healthy fats and start making them a part of every single meal and snack you eat. Your body will thank you for it.

Healthy Fats help you lose Body Fat

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Start right now by making a list of healthy fats you can get at the store. Start with avocados, walnuts, pecans, a good quality olive oil, some butter, a steak, and anything else that sounds good. Start using the whole eggs instead of egg whites for breakfast and fry them up in a little butter or coconut oil. Drizzle the olive oil over your salad and chop up avocado to go on top. Snack on some nuts and full fat cheese. Grill up that steak and enjoy it with a baked potato and some butter. Incorporating healthy fats into your diet is easy.

For decades we’ve all worked under the assumption that to lose fat we have to cut fat out of our diets. Thus the low fat craze was born. As it turns out, that’s not how it works. The problem with eating a low fat diet is that you have to replace that food with something else, and we all turned to carbs. Those carbohydrates raised our blood sugar levels and thus insulin levels. As it turns out, our bodies are very good at turning carbohydrates into body fat and insulin plays a big role in that process.

While insulin is in your blood, your body can’t burn body fat for energy, making it impossible for you to lose weight. The first goal when you want to lose a few pounds then is to lower your insulin levels. The best way to do that is to replace some of the carbohydrates you’re eating with fat. In other words, you need to do the exact opposite of what we’ve been told by so called health experts for decades. Skip the low fat foods and grab some fat instead.

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When you do that some interesting things happen in your body. If you start your day with some eggs and avocado. It’s a low carb, high fat meal that will keep you full for hours. You won’t even go looking for lunch until early afternoon. This will keep your blood sugar levels low and in turn your insulin levels low. Why is this important? Think of insulin as a gate keeper. When it’s high, your body takes any extra carbs and sugars it can find and turns them into fat for storage. When insulin is low on the other hand, your body turns to those fat stores and burns them for energy. The end result is that you start to lose weight.

Since eating fat keeps you satisfied longer and allows you to stretch the time in between meals, you’re keeping those insulin levels low for longer. That’s how eating fat can help you lose more body fat on a regular basis. Stop being afraid of fatty foods. Make smart choices, don’t overdo it, and work on cutting more sugar and carbs out of your diet instead when you’re ready to get in shape and drop that excess weight and body fat. Good fatty foods you want to incorporate into your diet are avocado, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, olives, seeds and nuts and even peanut butter.

Embrace the healthy fats and make them part of all your meals, eat healthy fats like avocado raw in salads and smoothies; healthy fats can help you lose body fat.

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