How To Avoid Depression When Dieting

Whenever you’re dieting, there’s only one positive thing that you’re focused on – the pounds that get shed. Everything else suddenly feels burdensome ,annoying and even depressing. You can learn ways how to avoid dieting depression in easy steps. 

When dieting you mentally protest at the thought of having to give up your favorite foods and  reduce your food portion sizes.  You may even feel sluggish for a while because your body is used to living off of sugar rushes and then crashing until your energy levels are up again.

Sometimes, even the pounds don’t fall off – and you’re left feeling desperate, sad and anxious about whether or not you’ll ever get to where you want to be in terms of weight loss goals.

You can have the most perfect nutrition and exercise program imaginable – and implement them day after day without fail. But without the right frame of mind, you’ll eventually falter and this can be devastating.

There are certain things you can do to prevent a mental lapse where you give in to your negative feelings. You have to be your own motivational coach – no one else can do this.

Learn how to avoid depression from dieting by :

  • Keep Moving Forward
  • Eliminate Radical Thoughts
  • Take It One Day at a Time

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward, Regular Exercise Is A Must

For most people dieting is a ritual that they repeat year after year. It’s not a daily or monthly commitment yet. It’s simply a process they put themselves through to prove to themselves that they’re trying to get healthy. Regular exercise is essential to improving your mood along with toning your body.

Nobody wants to see you keep the weight on. Everyone Is cheering you on. So the pressure mounts for you to succeed. You might start off determined to begin on your diet on random day. But it’s short-lived because you’re looking at the diet like it’s a challenge. You have to give your body time to get used to a new way of eating and exercise regimen that you’ve put it on.

Eliminate Radical Thoughts

Think Positively, Eliminate Radical Thoughts !

Dieters are desperate. Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50, your mindset can be the same. And when you’re desperate, you talk yourself into taking drastic measures to get the weight off. You don’t want to take drastic measures because you know that its not good in any way. It never results in long-term weight loss. It simply causes you to fail repeatedly. You want to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Healthy weight loss is slow weight loss. Most dieting persons don’t want to acknowledge this fact. They want to hear about how they can lose 15 pounds in a week and fit into that stunning outfit for their special event. But when you lose more than 1-3 pounds a week, you’re sending signals to your body that something’s wrong. Your body is going to sense that you’re starving it or overworking it with exercise – and it will hang on to the fat stores because it thinks it needs to help you survive.

Healthy nutrition feeds your body – it doesn’t starve it. You can curb hunger by feeding your body healthy servings of good food. You don’t want to eliminate calories so much that you are down to a deficit that’s harmful to your body. Instead, make smarter and healthier food choices. For example you might snack on raw broccoli and sugar snap peas or carrots instead of salty chips and sugary snack cakes.

You can drink water to fill up your body. When you’re allowing your body to eat enough, the pounds will come off – but they’ll do it at a rate that’s safe and also long-term.

Fad diets do real damage to your health. Be honest with yourself about how many fad diets you’ve tried that made you take extreme measures. For instance, eating nothing but cabbage soup on the cabbage soup diet . Or how about diets where you eat nothing but protein or eat only carbohydrates with no protein. Any diet that makes you eliminate complete food groups is probably extreme.

 Repair your nutrition so that you’re eating what experts recommend in terms of the right amount of calories for your body. Make sure you get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and if you eat meat, make sure it’s lean, healthy meat like chicken. Drink water and go light on the foods you enjoy that are less nutritious, but don’t eliminate them altogether.

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Take It One Day at a Time

Make Healthy Meals For Dieting Success

Failing at a diet plan is easy to do when you deprive yourself of what you love. For dieters who are on diets with restrictions, there’s an actual grieving process over what you’re giving up. You don’t want to have a specific cheat day, either. That still means you’re restricting yourself six days a week. And it causes you to binge on the days when you’re allowed to eat what you want.

You can learn to make healthier choices without having to set rules for yourself. Learn to listen to your hunger cues rather than look at a list of foods that are off limits. This is better because you actually adopt better behaviors and those last you a lifetime.

Forget about the concept of failure when it comes to dieting. There’s no such thing unless you quit now and give up forever. But even then that’s a choice, and you would always have the opposite choice to make good choices. When dining out and your meal has more calories than you wanted to, you can make some sensible decisions at this point:

·       Take a portion of the meal home so that you can have it as leftovers another time.

·       Eat the meal and lighten up on other meals throughout the day.

·       Calculate how many extra minutes of exercise you can do that week to work off the extra calorie intake.

Never beat yourself up – even if you have a down week and you suddenly realized you’ve stuffed yourself with sodas and sweets non stop for seven days. Shaming yourself does nothing to help you change your behavior. Forgiving yourself can help you get at the root of the issue. You can nurture yourself back to where you’re being more mindful about your nutrition and exercise regimen.


Dieting depression is a real problem, and it can happen to everyone if you’re not careful. You can put yourself in that dark place if you allow outside influences – or if you beat yourself up for every single thing, so be aware of your mindset at all times. You can kill dieting depression by keep moving forward; getting rid of radical thoughts; taking one day at a time.

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