4 Simple Ways To Live A More Organic Green Life

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Living an organic green life may seem less unattainable currently. Especially when so much of our lifestyle has turned to electronics for almost all aspects of our lives. From ordering groceries to having a new car delivered right to your door, our lives often get caught up in cyber world and forget we need to do our part by keeping our lives cleaner.

The following four courses of action will get you on the right path:

  • Make your own cleaning products – Two main ingredients that are used in natural cleaning products are baking soda and white vinegar— It is inexpensive and simple to produce. So, why not make your own.  And if you want to be fancy, add a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint, pine, or lavender.

The cost of producing goods from them is around 1/10 that of their industrial counterparts. If your inclined to take it, one more step mix bleach with water in a spray bottle. Spray down all the areas your family most frequent, like doorknobs and light switches.

ER Dr. Eric Lee and medical expert claims, “Bleach is a good sanitizer because it has been demonstrated to have activity against almost all bacteria, viruses, and fungi.”Just remember to immediately wash your hands after using it. Better yet, use kitchen gloves while handling it.

  • Grow what you can – If you are lucky enough to have a spot outside your home you can utilize for a small garden, you will be well on your way. However, if your only source for growing your own, try an herb garden.

    Herbs love the warm temperatures and are easily grown. The great part is you always have fresh herbs in your dishes. You can even grow your own mini lemon tree indoors. Always do your research on what would grow best in your area and making sure you have all the right tools first. Before you know it, your hard work will pay off with huge taste.

  • Support your small businesses – Many farms, often close to city limits, offer fresh produce. Not only are you getting as fresh as possible but are supporting your community farms. Same goes for meat cuts. While this is not as doable for families with only one freezer, if you split the bill with family, everyone benefits. Otherwise, try and purchase GMO free produce and grass-fed meat. The cost might be a bit higher, supported your environment and community should be high on your list.

  • Buy things in bulk–Instead of running to the store every time you need toilet paper or rice for dinner, not only are you acquiring more garbage but wasted gas. Live Frugally. Large box stores offer these products in bulk. If you feel you want to share, try splitting the pack with a neighbor. You both save.

    Staple food such as rice and beans can be bought at restaurant supply stores for extraordinarily little money. Keep these items in a cool room such as a closet, basement, or garage. Use good quality Tupperware to store your grains and other dry beans.

    Thebalance.com reported that the number one thing to remember when buying in bulk is, “Not the price of the item that matters, it is the price per unit you should watch.” If you notice that you can get ketchup cheaper at the grocery store, skip that item for now.

To sum things up – Living a cleaner life does not mean you have to spray things down everyday and worry about germs. We, as humans, are accustomed to our environments, meaning we can take a little dirt.

The idea is to make the effort to do your part and feel good about your living space and community. As NFL player and motivational speaker Ralph Marston said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

Author: djcgold

Hi, my name is Denise aka 'djcgold' and I'm from the Bahamas. I discovered my passion for digital art and blogging in 2020. As a self-taught artist, I have been using Procreate and AI generators to create unique and beautiful pieces of art. I specialize in digital wall art and phone wallpapers, which can be found on my website. I also have a love for writing and sharing my knowledge and experiences.

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