Losing weight painlessly

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Are you carrying a little extra weight around the middle? Maybe you’ve got more than just a little weight problem – maybe it’s a rather large one and you need to get rid of the fat for health reasons. Rest assured that you’re not alone!

Obesity in America is at an all-time high. One of out of every three Americans is obese – a number that has doubled in just ten years. This epidemic is growing out of control in other countries as well as fast food franchises open in China, Japan, Germany, and other industrialized nations.

When you are overweight, it’s a serious issue. Carrying extra weight can make you more susceptible to heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and various types of cancer. It can also affect your body image as well thus causing problems with your self-esteem. You deserve to be healthier and take off some of that weight that is making you unhealthy. But what if you’re like me and love food so you hate the idea of having to eat rice cakes and alfalfa sprouts or starving yourself just to help the weight come off.

There is  good news for you! You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight! Many people associate weight loss with being hungry. It doesn’t have to be painful to lose the extra pounds. There are weight loss programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers , that can assist in the weight loss battle. The  positives are that they are easy to follow and provide you with support when you have questions or just need a positive uplift on the way to your goal weight.

If you want to join these programs, that’s wonderful! But know that everything they offer you can be done all on your own. You can prepare the meals that Jenny Craig offers, you can be in control of your own weight loss program – and you don’t have to starve to do it!

 In this series on weight loss , there will be many tips that will be provided to you for success. Some common weight loss myths would be examined. There’s even some recipes to help you as you journey to a healthier, lighter you.

What is the cause of obesity?

The prevalence of fast food restaurants certainly doesn’t help with the worldwide obesity problem. Morgan Spurlock showed us with painful reality in his movie, “Supersize Me”, fast food menus offer us a heaping helping of fat, cholesterol, and calories. I highly recommend watching this movie if you find yourself addicted to McDonald’s – you could very well change your mind after you see it! At any rate, many of these restaurants are now offering health-conscious choices including salads, potatoes instead of French fries, yogurt, and grilled meats instead of fried meats. So with these items now included on their menu, you have choices to eat healthier when away from home.

Many people live horridly busy lifestyles, and they more often than not opt for pre-packaged foods that contain high amounts of salt, fat, and other unhealthy additives that contribute toward weight gain. We tend to maintain a mostly sedentary lifestyle choosing to watch a favorite television program after dinner rather than going out for a walk like they used to do decades ago.

This type of life style unfortunately is being learned by our children as well. Today, you’re more likely to find children  in front of the TV with a video game controller in their hands or texting as they watch the latest videos on their cell phones.  By being sedentary and not active, is not good for their health. You would usually find these children snacking on cookies, potato chips along with sugary drinks. All of which are recipes for childhood obesity and other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes.

Some people blame their excessive weight gain on slow metabolism. In some cases, this might actually be true. However, the facts confirm what no one really wants to face: we’re overweight because we simply eat too much of the wrong foods.

Losing weight is actually quite simple – eat less, exercise more. But we’re resistant to that message. Mainly, it’s because we’re looking for a quick fix – an easy, painless way to drop pounds without sacrifice. After all, losing weight just can’t be that easy, now can it?

No, it isn’t. You have to consider portion control, food choice, exercise, how much exercise, what kind of exercise, etc. But worrying about all of the specifics will do you little good. You need to get the big picture in mind first before worrying about the specifics. What you want to do is lose those extra pounds. And there are many, many ways to go about that. But before you wait around for the next miracle diet, try some of the tried and true methods . Weight loss is not as monumental as you think it is!


You likely know your metabolism is linked to your weight. But do you know how? Common belief holds that a slim person’s metabolism is high and an overweight person’s metabolism is low. But this isn’t usually the case. Metabolism alone doesn’t determine your weight. Rather, weight is dependent on the balance of calories consumed versus than your body needs, and you gain weight. Take in less and you lose weight. Metabolism, then, is the engine that burns these calories and is the scale that regulates your energy needs. Stated simply, metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. During this biochemical process, calories — from carbohydrates, fats and proteins —are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function. The number of calories your body burns each day is called your total energy expenditure. The following three factors make up your total energy expenditure:

• Basic needs. Even when your body is at rest, it requires energy for the basics, such as fuel for organs, breathing, circulating blood, adjusting hormone levels, plus growing and repairing cells. Calories expended to cover these basic functions are your basal metabolic rate. Typically, a person’s basal metabolic rate is the largest portion of energy use, representing two-thirds to three-quarters of the calories used each day. Energy needs for these basic functions stay fairly consistent and aren’t easily changed. Food processing. Digesting, absorbing, transporting and storing the food you consume also takes calories. This accounts for about 10 percent of the calories used each day. For the most part, your body’s energy requirement to process food stays relatively steady and isn’t easily changed.

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