Financial Well-being

You know that to be healthy is to be wealthy. Or so the saying goes. Just taking a detour from my usual physical wellness information to that of finances. You realize that financial security or well-being is also important. Take for example the situation affecting persons globally. They’re home because of Covid-19 dangers and not working. Not working, but the bills are stacking up. Wouldn’t be a great idea for them to start a business on their own? Start a business and not having to report back to a work environment that may be hazardous to their health.

But what kind of business? Well, this is a review of a viable option for generating cash now. I’ll like to introduce you to Sqribble. Instantly create amazing eBooks & reports in just minutes. Without writing a single word!

You can design and create ebooks using the latest technology at your fingertips! Its an all in one ebook creation machine . Here is what Sqribble offers : 50 stunning templates in 15 niche categories, 1-click automated content engine, free commercial license and agency website.

Not the literary type? Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you won’t have to worry about spending hours or thousands of dollars outsourcing ebook creation by hiring freelancing writers. You’ll be able to do it all yourself from a simple interface at a push of a button. You can create eBooks, reports, whitepapers, guides, information products, manuals. Sqribble help you do this with templates that comes with table of contents and professional page layouts.

But what about content to create these eBooks, reports, whitepapers, guides ? You can also add instant content if you don’t have time to research for content. Just enter a URL and watch Sqribble automatically fill the pages of your eBooks with fresh, ready made content. You can also fill your eBook with a selection of 1,000 instant niche articles from the built-in content engine all at your fingertips!

I’m sure this review so far has piqued your interest. But I’m sure you may have questions. Like how do you create winning eBooks that sell? First there are two groups of people who embark on a writing career. Group 1 : are willing to create an eBook on any topic, even if they have no interest in that niche at all. They only write for monetary gain. Group 2 :Those that want to create something valuable based around their interests and passions.

I recommend creating eBooks that solve problems for people. People are looking for solutions to various types of problems and the first place they look is online. Everyday thousands of people are searching for solutions, such as : how to lose weight; how to get rid of acne; how to start a business; how to stay healthy; how to save your relationship ; how to learn a foreign language.

Using the “How to…” search string is a great way to find areas that people have problems in, and you instantly know that that person is looking for a solution and can create an eBook for them. In your creating an eBook using Sqribble , you create a source of income for yourself with your new website!

So its winning for everyone!

Author: djcgold

I'm from the small tropical island nation The Bahamas. I'm artistic, health enthusiast. I can by reached on Instagram wellness_4u2.

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